January 26, 2018

 Such is the way of the world

You can never know

Just where to put all faith

And how will it grow

I entered December with Eddie Vedder’s words in my ears and genuinely unsure for how much longer I would be a teacher. Was I bored? In need of a change? Mid-life crisis? Had I...

September 5, 2017

Badges are a new thing in education at the moment. Read about them here. They seem a harmless, if not motivational, way to assist learning in the classroom; much like old-fashioned sticker charts, smiley faces and stamps. The idea being that scouts seem to be motivated...

September 5, 2017

Occasionally, I’m forced to defend my position on homework. It’s rarely to another educator these days, but the odd parent raises their concern. And I get it – these new fangled ideas about education are vastly different to the views expressed by teachers when we were...

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