October 31, 2016

I don’t like using bribes for behaviour. As a teacher, I’ve avoided sticker charts and points systems and instead rely on developing intrinsic motivation in my students. As parent, I sometimes tell the teacher in me to shut the hell up. Sometimes, as much as I don’t wa...

April 18, 2016

Mission: Minecraft


Description: Rainy day fun and learning. Gaming with a purpose.


Difficulty: Low – Medium




You can plan lots of weekend activities only to have them all come unstuck. You still want to have some fun when plans don’t work out, but also spend s...


Lego. That noise …  of searching through a box of Lego is a distinctive sound from most of our childhoods. I hear it and have to look – what’s being built? Has there ever been a better toy? A toy so unintentionally educational, meaningful and universally loved? Hell,...



Mission: Quality play time


Description: Something constructive to do during screen time that's not episodes of Paw Patrol and lame iPad games.


Difficulty: Low




We love playing with Lego. The President (4 y.o.) loves his iPad mini. Why not join the two? Koma...

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