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Mission: 2 Ingredient Cookies

Mission: Father/Son Cooking

Description: 2 Ingredient Cookies (maybe 3)

Difficulty: Low


We have a horrible kitchen. It's seriously bad for cooking and we love cooking. The kitchen may be temporary (while we build a house), but the need to cook persists. The President (4 y.o.) likes getting involved in cooking and we're always looking for simple meals and treats. Last weekend I felt the need to bake cookies. A quick internet investigation lead to a ridiculously simple cookies recipe.

You need:

2 ripe bananas

1 cup rolled oats

That’s it. I know, right? That’s going to make cookies. I was sceptical too.

The President mashed the bananas (riper the better, I reckon). We stirred in the rolled oats. I couldn’t resist the temptation to add some dark chocolate pieces. It got The President excited too.

We put them in the oven fro 15 minutes at 180C. After checking them, we cranked up the oven and left them in there are another 10 minutes. It should be noted that we currently have a shithouse oven.

Shithouse oven, but it cooked these cookies good.

Shithouse oven

Cookies were really nice warm, but considerably better the next day. They are not crunchy cookies and having cooked them once, I’m now considering baking them as a slice/bar type of thing and adding some nuts to the recipe.

Result: Successful

Simple activity that The President could participate in and only took an hour from start to eating.

Update: We've since made them many times - we now add cinnamon, crushed walnuts and cashews which gave them a little more crunch. Poured the entire mixture into a shallow baking tray and spread it thinly (1 cm). Cut them into bars and stored them in the fridge.

Also working on a chocolate berry version! Will post the results soon.


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