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Presto: How I made over 100 pounds magically disappear

I didn’t make 100 pounds disappear. I did lose over 30 kilograms last year and this guy - Penn Jillette, is a big reason why. Between the influences of Penn, Ray Cronise and Dr Joel Fuhrman, I changed my eating habits, dropped weight and have kept if off (even over Christmas). Now I’m looking to keep this lifestyle going and continue further along this journey. I owe them, and so I’m plugging Penn’s new book here. It’s the least I can do.

This is my quick weight loss journey so far:

It all started with potatoes. Lots and lots of god damn potatoes. I ate nothing but potatoes for two weeks and lost about eight kilograms. Now, my understanding is that there is nothing special about potatoes and that other foods could substitute for spuds, but I ate potatoes and the effects where amazing.

After three days of potatoes I hated them more than I’ve hated Monday mornings, traffic jams, and airline food. But, pretty soon I started noticing some changes. The scales told the obvious story - I was dropping kilos, but that wasn’t all. I started to lose the cravings – even as I neared the end of my potato fast and thought about ALL the food I could eat; I wasn’t craving anything. The first weekend off the potatoes, I didn’t know what to eat. My palette seemed reset, things tasted different, and it was much easier to make better choices about what I was eating.

Since doing the potato fast I’ve tried to follow Ray Cronise’s and Dr Joel Fuhrman’s guidelines and eat a lot more vegetarian meals, cut right down on meat, and eat less and less refined sugar every day.

I feel great. It’s changed my life. Thanks, Penn.

IMPORTANT – I am not a doctor, nor am I qualified to give any medical or nutritional advice. You should see your doctor before doing anything as stupid as eating potatoes for two whole f%&king weeks.

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