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Misson: Lego and an iPad

Mission: Quality play time

Description: Something constructive to do during screen time that's not episodes of Paw Patrol and lame iPad games.

Difficulty: Low


We love playing with Lego. The President (4 y.o.) loves his iPad mini. Why not join the two? Koma Koma is an insanely simple app to use. We made this video in 5 minutes (not including Lego play time).

Look how easy this is:

Red button takes the photos. Green button plays the movie. It leaves a transparency of the previous image so you can line up the next shot. The blue X deletes the current photo and the yellow arrow finishes the clip. It really couldn't be simpler.

The President is now polishing off his Spielberg epic matchbox car trilogy titled 'I like things that crash'.

Download Koma Koma .

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