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What is The Dad Regime?

We are all making this up as we go along. Some of us do a better job of pretending we know what to do. A few of us genuinely believe we have a plan or a method to follow. Most of us follow a plan, change it, follow another, forget the plan, make a new one and then go right back to thing we did at the beginning.

Parenting isn’t something I did any planning for. It’s something I just assumed would happen and I would somehow have absorbed the necessary knowledge needed to make the right decisions. I default largely to methods of my parents, but had the startling revelation one day that they too, didn’t know what they were doing either.

In fact, not knowing what we’re doing is a pretty common theme in life. We try and make good decisions; educated ones that will benefit us in the long run, but none of us know the outcomes. None of us know how differently things would have gone if we’d made different decisions at different times.

This is the reason for The Dad Regime. It’s not about doing the right thing – just about doing your thing – and sharing it, because maybe, just maybe, you have a really good idea. Maybe you have something interesting to say. Maybe someone else wants to hear it.

I have no idea how successful this site will be, I have little idea what it will look in 12 months time, and I am completely happy knowing this. Given that I am making up everything else in my life as I am going along, it seems fitting that The Dad Regime operates under the same premise.

Wishing myself luck and a clue, and hoping you’ll join me.


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