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What is the sound of your childhood?

Lego. That noise … of searching through a box of Lego is a distinctive sound from most of our childhoods. I hear it and have to look – what’s being built? Has there ever been a better toy? A toy so unintentionally educational, meaningful and universally loved? Hell, even the movie was awesome! And it’s Danish – just like my wife!

The President (4 y.o.) has really discovered Lego these holidays. I love that. I’m trying to encourage it, and I don’t care how much it costs. The President has received Lego presents at a recent birthday and for Christmas. He’s gotten the Juniors sets, which are great as they have easier pieces to put together and he’s been able to play, pull apart and put back together his police station and fire station.

Recently though, we sat down together and decided we should build a big rescue centre for all the police/fire/rescue services. We quickly ran out of pieces. The next day a visit to Big W found us looking at Lego sets and we bough a kit that just has Lego pieces, no instructions. It was just what we needed.

We spent two hours making an awesome fire/police/rescue centre. Better yet, all the left over pieces become robots, aircraft and rocket ships. The next day we built an even better station. We played, shared, talked, help each other find pieces and came up with new ideas. It’s been the best part of the holidays. It was quiet, it was constructive, it was good old fashioned, quality time.

The President now plays with his Lego and incorporates his other toys into his buildings. Paw Patrol characters have a house; Matchbox cars have a petrol station and I absolutely love it he calls out, ‘Dad, can you help me with this?’

Yes, I can.

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