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Learned me some things

Whilst attending a Professional Development session recently I was challenged by a suggestion that I should come up with my own ‘model for teaching and learning’. I quipped that that it wouldn’t fill page. So, after much deliberation, planning and researching - here it is:

  1. Do your students want to learn? a. Yes. Go to 2. b. No. Got to 4.

  2. What do they want to learn about?

a. Let them learn that thing. Go to 3.

  1. What do they need to learn to do that best? a. Teach them those things. Go to 2.

  2. Are you inspiring them to learn about stuff? a. Yes. Go to 2. b. No. Go to 5.

  3. Are they having fun? a. Yes. Go to 2 b. No. Got to 6.

  4. Are YOU having fun? a. Yes. Go to 2. b. No. Stop teaching.

[Insert relevant Hattie data to supports my model]


(Photo credit: Br3nda CC:2.0)

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