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Resistance is not futile

I love Star Wars. Its latest episode, The Last Jedi, was polarising – but I loved it. Its nuance and subtlety seemed to be lost on many. Amongst the scenes that have stuck with me is Resistance Captain Poe Dameron’s insight that perhaps they aren’t the end of the story, but the beginning:

‘We are the spark that will light the fire that burns The First Order down.’

It’s a realisation that we don’t know how the story goes, or always where our role is within it. Maybe, we aren’t the ones to achieve this great thing, but perhaps our actions will inspire others to do so.

I think Teachers often play role of igniting the spark. We often don’t see the impact of those embers of learning we foster in our students, but without those sparks there will never be a fire.

Poe also reminds us of the role of rebellion.

The rebel asks, ‘Why?’

And when the response is insufficient …

The rebel says, ‘No.’

Without the rebel, the status quo remains.

I think Teachers need to be a little more like rebels. Ask why, say no, and not settle for the status quo.

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