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Kung Fu Fighting

I grew up loving martial arts movies. Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, Sammo Hung and Steven Seagal being some of my childhood heroes. Perhaps in the pre-social media era it was easier, but the legends of these guys were enormous. Yes, Chuck Norris has become a meme, but the stories of Bruce Lee’s exploit are, to this day, amazing and and still hard to verify or disprove. They were all larger than life, superhuman, and sometimes seemed supernatural.

I remember as a slightly older kid, hearing a story about Steven Seagal being knocked out by a stunt man in a fight. Couldn’t be! Steven Seagal? Aikido master? Beaten by a no name stunt man? Err … maybe?

People throwing themselves out of your way is probably easier than dealing with an angry stunt man. These days I have a new favourite martial arts thing – fake martial artists!

Check this one out. Who are these people who go along with it? What do they get from it? Watch this guy! Acting all discombobulated and spinning around like a sock in a tumble dryer!

What is the sequence of events that leads someone to believe they can do this? Or have it done to them?

I think I know …

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