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There is a girl in New York City

Not too long ago we opened Spotify Family Subscription. I’d planned to use it to find all this new music and get back into the music scene. Instead, I’ve spent most of the time downloading all my old favourite albums. Barely a new track in sight! One of these old favourites is Paul Simon’s Graceland. The 25th anniversary edition contains some remixed tracks and a conversation with Paul Simon who discusses how the title track was created.

We often think of the artist working on their own to create their art. The lonely, tortured genius, locking themselves away to produce a masterpiece. Paul Simon reminds us that this is rarely the case. Art is a collaboration. Artists work together to produce something new. Artist inspire and influence each other, building upon and expanding on, each other’s creations. Art is a process of borrowing, tinkering, and sharing.

Have a listen for yourself. A brilliant connection of styles, genres and cultures.

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